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Welcome to SocialReturns!

We are pleased to announce the start of SocialReturns, a new nonprofit organization that builds upon the ground-breaking work of the former Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures.

SocialReturns educates people about social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, and helps innovative nonprofit, philanthropic,and private sector organizations build their entrepreneurial skills and use them to affect positive and lasting social change. Register now!

Led by Cynthia W. Massarsky, expert on social enterprise and founder and former co-director of Yale University's Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures, SocialReturns is poised to roll out a strategy to help bring the social enterprise and entrepreneurship movement to new heights! Learn more about SocialReturns.

Through its Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations, SocialReturns will provide financial capital to seed the most promising profit-making ventures, and grow the practice of social entrepreneurship among nonprofits around the world.

Become a subscriber of the SocialReturns website (there's no fee to join), so that we may send you an email about the next Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations.