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Welcome to the Resource Center’s Membership Directory. The Membership Directory contains information provided by individuals and organizations that have joined SocialReturns.

Our goal is to create a community committed to building the practice of nonprofit enterprise.

SocialReturns’ network of members is a diverse group - including nonprofit organizations, grantmakers and other investors, academics, researchers,business consultants, and more - who are interested in receiving information about SocialReturns and exchanging ideas, questions and solutions, and resources on nonprofit enterprise.

The Membership Directory contains lists and profiles of SocialReturns members,so you can contact others who are operating business ventures or thinking about doing so, find a business planning consultant, pose a challenging question, or propose a workable solution.

Members may access the Directory to search for other members by geographic location, type of organization (e.g., arts/culture/humanities), size of annual budget, whether the organization is involved currently in operating a business venture or plans to do so in the near future, and, if so, by type of enterprise. In this way, you may network with others who share similar characteristics or who have a particular expertise that is desired.

The directory includes:

  • List of Members [alpha, by state, by member type, organization type]
  • Search Function [by alpha, state, member type, organization type]
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