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Resource Center

Much of the material contained on these pages was developed for the Yale School of Management - The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures and the National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations. We are very grateful to the Yale School of Management and its sponsors - The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Goldman Sachs Foundation - for sharing this information with the field.

The Resource Center provides cutting edge research and business tools to nonprofit organizations interested in commercial ventures, and offers ways for nonprofits to share their own experiences with others in the field.

The Resource Center gives members of SocialReturns access to the latest research on nonprofit enterprise; how-to guides; publications and articles; case studies; profiles of business ventures; conferences, courses and workshops;a calendar of events; and more.

Use the Resource Center to:

  • Keep on top of trends and research in nonprofit enterprise.

  • Access a rich database of resources on the subject of nonprofit enterprise.

  • Learn about others interested in nonprofit ventures — grantmakers, investors, nonprofit organizations, business consultants, and more.

  • Read about best-in-class models of nonprofit organizations that are operating business ventures, and the funders and investors who support them.

  • Determine if nonprofit enterprise is right for your organization and learn how to get started in planning or growing your business.

Access to the Resource Center is by membership only. Membership is free, and it's easy to join. Simply click here to become a member of SocialReturns, and view:

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